How To Make Almond Flour With Leftover Almond Pulp

So you’ve made some almond milk and now you have leftover almond pulp.  What a perfect opportunity to make your own almond flour.  It’s high protein, low carb, low GI, high fibre, gluten free and alkalising.  Sounds like a good idea?  This is how to make it:

  1. Turn out the pulp from the nut milk bag or stocking onto a baking tray.almond pulp
  2. Spread out evenly, breaking down most of the lumps.spread evenly
  3. Bake on low heat until it is dried out.  I put my gas oven on about 130°C and it takes a couple of hours.  Then transfer it to your food processor.dry almond pulp
  4. Wizz it up until it is smooth.                                smooth
  5. Store in an airtight container in the fridge.  It should be good for a month.  Mine’s been in the cupboard for a couple of weeks and doing fine but will transfer to the fridge because I think it will last longer, and I think that’s what everyone else does!

I have searched around a bit on the net and yes, this is pretty much the same as almond meal.  Generally, gluten free biscuits and cakes are the types of recipes which this will be good for, but before you try an elaborate recipe which calls for almond meal or flour, maybe do your own research as to whether this is the best thing for that.  I have made ‘3 Ingredient Pancakes’ with this flour and they turned out pretty good.  Will post the recipe soon.  There is another recipe I want to try, ‘Raw Cookie Dough Bites’, they look divine!  Here is the link for those:

Now, I want to make this blog as informative as possible and while I was looking into this almond flour I came across an article which admittedly annoyed me just to read the title:  ‘5 Reasons to Avoid Almond Flour’.  Rolling my eyes I thought why does there have to be someone trying to discredit everything, even almond flour??  (Hey you might think that about me and my post on dairy haha).  I clicked on the link anyway, thinking hoping that I could quickly dismiss this information and forget about it.  But damn.  She has a point so I will share the article with you so you too can make an informed choice.  I still say eat the almond flour… but just not too much all the time, and if you can find raw recipes like the one above, all the better.  😉

Edit 18/6/2013:  Here is another article on almond flour but one which does not put you off eating too much like the other one I posted the the link to.  I like this one better haha 😀  5 Reasons to Use Almond Flour in Baking


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6 Responses to How To Make Almond Flour With Leftover Almond Pulp

  1. helga lawrence says:

    again, you are giving us very good information, Eva. I am enjoying a Maca smoothy daily. i had a little trouble with digestion before having a daily Maca Smoothy, this problem has cleared up, I no longer feel bloated.
    Thank you, Eva,

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