The Protein Smoothie

Protein smoothie

Protein shakes or smoothies are not just for people who bodybuild or who are trying to lose weight.  They are an everyday opportunity to create a versatile meal bursting with so much nutrition your body will thank you for it.

I have found a great protein powder from the organics store.  The only ingredient is organic brown rice protein.  It is cheaper than Sunwarrior, which is a highly regarded brand using the same protein and at the shop assistant’s advice is just as good, but I don’t know enough about that to agree or disagree so I hope she’s right!  It’s a great product anyway.  I have chosen the vegan option as opposed to whey protein as I am in the process of cutting dairy from our family’s diet.  (Click here if you would like to know my 7 reasons for this).

This protein powder is suitable for kids and makes a quick breakfast, lunch or snack (or dinner if need be!).  I just put a tsp in D-man’s banana smoothie.  Miss Moo will just have a little bit of mine.  A good tip from Clean Eating With Kids is that as long as you put the berries in, the spinach remains undetectable!

This protein powder needs to be flavoured so you can use all your favourite ingredients.  Try any or all of following (the one pictured above had all except the last 2):
☺Protein powder  (the building blocks of your body)
☺Banana (energy, flavour, nutrients)
☺Frozen berries (antioxidants, flavour)
☺Raw cacao powder (antioxidants)
☺Maca powder (hormone balancing)
☺Flax meal, same as linseed meal (fibre and omega 3) or flax oil
☺Raw honey (for sweetener and extra nutrition)
☺Cinnamon (antibacterial)
☺Handful of baby spinach (chlorophyll)
☺Probiotic powder (gut health and immunity)
☺Handful traditional oats (fibre and longer lasting fullness)

I blended it with my homemade almond milk when I have it or otherwise I use Vitasoy rice or oat milk.  I drink my smoothie and feel comfortably full and energetic, not bloated and lethargic.  And it is low GI, so there is no blood sugar ups and downs.

Can you imagine the nutrition in that glass??  I was trying to keep this brief, all those ingredients have so many more benefits it was hard to pick just a word or two!

Oh and I’m not getting paid to promote any brands, just sharing my favourite’s ☺

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One Response to The Protein Smoothie

  1. helga lawrence says:

    sounds good Eva, I have been drink something similar ever since you introduced me to maca powder, I have for either breakfast or dinner, yummy!

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