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Staying At Mangrove Yoga Ashram

I just stayed at Mangrove Yoga Ashram for the weekend.  I did what is called a ‘Farm Project’ stay where you get to stay at the Ashram, eat their beautiful vegetarian food, join in the yoga classes and enjoy the way … Continue reading

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An Afternoon of Veggie Gardening With the Kids (and a bit of a how-to)

D-man had his cousin Ta Ta over for a play date so the two of them and Miss Moo enjoyed helping me prepare the soil and re-plant the veggie garden.  It was looking very sad after our initial 1st attempt at growing veggies … Continue reading

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7 Reasons Why I Am Ditching Dairy

As a family we have always enjoyed dairy as what I thought was a rather important part of our diet.  Even if it I thought it wasn’t important it would have still had a place in our fridge just because we enjoy consuming it.  … Continue reading

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This Little Me Went To Market…

I like to shop at my local farmers markets to maximise our nutrition and minimise animal cruelty and our carbon footprint. Did you know some supermarket fruits and vegetables can be months old, even up to a year??  By that time a lot … Continue reading

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Not Meaner, Just Cleaner!

As I started learning about where our food came from and what is in packaged food it became clear that in our house we needed to make the changes towards a better choice of food.  As the mother and grocery … Continue reading

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